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You deserve love…

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You’re invited to Smart Self Love: Power and Pleasure,

a 6-week on-line course for Women!


Is pleasure last on your list –or lacking altogether?

Done settling for second-rate sex? Are you sick of dating men who don’t value you?

Think that you can’t have both the love of your life and fantastic sex?

(or that only other women get to?)

If you’re about to give up on the idea that you really CAN have it all –the orgasms and the soul-shaking love that you long for, read on.

 You Deserve:

• The kind of sex that you gossip with your girlfriends about.

• The deep love that inspired you to go out and conquer the world.

• The confidence that allows you to be unshakable by anyone else’s opinion of you.

• The money that affords you the freedom and luxury that you dream of.


It’s never too late, and here’s the secret: it’s way easier than you think.

What if I told you the way to get ALL of that was… practicing pleasure?!






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Are you ready for Next-Level Pleasure?

 Let me explain the science behind self-love…


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“Radiant, fierce, highly educated and trained, incredibly experienced, deeply wise, Eva is a powerhouse of a woman.”  – Destin Gerek, Erotic Empowerment Coach, DestinGerek.com

“Eva is one of the most incredible beings I’ve ever met.  Working with Eva is a true gift and I couldn’t possibly recommend her more.”   – Justin Michael Williams, Conscious Business Expert, JustinMichaelWilliams.com

Empowering your success with one-on-one support

Ready to shine and FEEL AMAZING?  Private coaching is a fast-track to getting the love you deserve! Over the course of 10 weeks, I’ll be your ally in paving a road to success – in love, life, and business!

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Today our erotic lives are often simultaneously shameful and over-indulgent, often relegated into the shadow of our psyche.

Our sexuality is an extension of our soul – yet 21st century culture has a confusing relationship with sex, and many are struggling to sustain relationships in the face of shifting values.

How can we honor our sex life with a sense of wholeness, without abandoning our primal desires? And how do we overturn the voices that tell us sex is wrong?

Eva Clay offers a candid vision of what sex can look (and feel!) like when we challenge conventional norms and invite holy wisdom into our encounters.


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What People are Saying


““Eva Clay is one of the most incredible beings I’ve ever met… and I mean that with all of my heart. Eva’s work was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced with another coach. She is a deep listener who can see beyond the veil. Working with Eva is a true gift and I couldn’t possibly recommend her more highly.””

– Justin Michael Williams
Conscious Business Expert


“For Eva, I would start with the word RESPECT. She combines 20-plus years of education and experience in human psychology to push, prod and love her clients into their next best form of themselves. IMPRESSIVE is next. Her presence and character wows me. She is articulate and powerful on stage, leading groups and in one-on-one sessions. I would also use SKILLFUL, KNOWLEDGABLE, CARING, and DEDICATED. She uses her gifts to help men and women come more into their bodies, gain more confidence, improve their relationships, and have healthier sex lives. She will go far in the world!”

– Robert Kandell
Intimate Communication Teacher
Business Strategist

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“Working with Eva was truly impactful. I have worked with many great coaches and mentors, but Eva surpassed my expectations on all levels. She brings a sweet combination of assertiveness and warmth, which is balanced with her background in therapy, science and her own deep spiritual practices. I highly recommend Eva to anyone who is ready to receive a gift of freedom.”

-Karen Mozes
Entrepreneur | Executive Coach
Creator of www.YJBusinessofYoga.com

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Steps to Pleasure, Self-Love & Confidence​

Eva’s guest interview on, “Coffee, Tea or Sex?” with Karina Velasco

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