Want your sex life to sizzle? 
Craving a deeper emotional connection?

Want your sex life to sizzle? 
Craving a deeper emotional connection?

Sex is easy in the beginning when things are new and
exciting, but what if you and your partner have different needs?

And how do you keep the spark alive?
I’ve seen it hundreds of times.  Whatever is unresolved in the relationship will show up in the bedroom.  Old resentments, low self esteem, stress, and lack of communication can seriously stagnate your sexuality.  Let’s fix it.

Coaching with Eva is the perfect solution for you if:

  • Your chemistry has faded, and you can’t seem to rekindle passion.
  • You want to take your emotional intimacy to the next level.
  • You’ve gotten overwhelmed with daily life (money, kids, work) and you’re finding it hard to feel turned on.
  • You’re caught in a loop of fighting and bickering and it’s killing your sex life.
  • You have different sexual needs, such as frequency, style, or personal turn-ons, and although you love each other, don’t know how to bridge the differences.
  • You want to infuse more depth and sacredness into your lovemaking.

I want you to know:  

It’s never too late to have a happy sex life.

That said, I have a strict policy that no problem is necessary.  Many of my clients are thriving in their intimacy, but simply want to have fun discovering the next level of their relationship.


Private work includes….

  • A bodacious education in what no one’s ever taught you about sex, so you can take your lovemaking to the next level
  • Gentle and structured communication tools to help you and your partner understand each other’s needs and desires.
  • Methods to increase emotional intimacy, connection, and expression.
  • A clear plan on how to re-ignite passion and desire.
  • Accessing multiple orgasms, full-body orgasms, and simultaneous orgasms.
  • Instruction in sensual touch and pleasure mapping your partner’s body.
  • Support in overcoming blocks to intimacy and love.

There is no nudity or sexual contact in the sessions. You and your partner will be welcomed into a lush, private environment where you can relax, open your hearts, and enjoy rediscovering the ecstasy of love.

Erotic Enlightenment Right to Your Inbox….