Ready for deep love and passion?


Ready for deep love and passion?


Want to feel confident, powerful, and lusciously turned on?

Do you wish you felt more pleasure? 

Are you longing for a deep relationship, yet confused about why you aren’t meeting quality men?

Many women tell me, “I want a partner before I work on my sexuality.”

To which I gently reply, “You’ve got it backwards my love.”

You don’t need a partner to reach your full sexual potential. In fact, it can be ideal to do this work single.

Trust me on this.

The innermost workings of our psyche is expressed through our sexuality. We can’t open one without the other, as they’re intrinsically connected. Discovering your erotic self is one of the most powerful things you’ll ever do, and a fast track to attracting love.


Together We’ll Explore…


Root out causes of shame, repression, and personal taboo, and replace them all with unconditional self-acceptance, freedom, and a celebration of your sexual nature. Have a love affair with your body and learn to trust your intuitive wisdom – it never fails you!


Tap into the most powerful creative force in the universe, and cultivate a permission to feel and follow your cravings. Discover what’s possible in midlife and after when you rekindle your passion for sex and your partner.


Learn how pleasure is the key to a woman’s success in life. You’ll be coached on how to allow the full capacity of pleasure in your body, not only sexually, but in all regards. Here we dissolve blocks your pleasure, such as low self-worth, cultural inhibitions, and core beliefs.


Shine a light on your sexual and relational programming. Uncover the core beliefs that drive your romantic choices and prevent you from getting the love you want.


learn the skills to effectively (and lovingly) assert your needs, desires, and boundaries with men. There is a science to language, and when we learn the precise tools, we can feel relaxed, confident, and powerful in all our relationships.


Reclaim your wild, luscious, sensual nature as a woman and watch how men fall over themselves to be near you. When you become fully embodied in your femininity, you have the power to attract All Good Things to your queenly vessel.


Harness the power of orgasm and learn how to have stronger, longer, earth-shattering third-eye-blasting orgasms that power your vital life force. Together we’ll develop sexual and spiritual practices for clitoral, vaginal, and cervical orgasm.


Learn the basics of masculine psychology to successfully engage with men without frustration, hurt feelings, or a guessing game. Learn “Man-Speak” (male language) and honor their Alpha nature. Understanding how they “tick” is a HUGE key to getting the love you want.


Learn how to blow his mind with techniques you’ve never even heard of – using hands, lips, tongue, and vaginal muscles. Learn the art of seduction, sexual anatomy, and arousal processes. You’ll be the lover he comes back to!

This is Your Invitation to Join Me for a Life-Changing Experience.

Women develop self-confidence completely differently than men, and when we strive for achievement in a masculine paradigm – we may have our moments of glory – but it’s hit and miss. Let’s re-think self-esteem and build an unshakable foundation, our way.

Erotic Enlightenment Right to Your Inbox….